17-20 September 2016, San Jose
  • Having a hunger and thirst for regulatory is a must for this discipline. Experts are ready to serve you the latest updates in the ever-changing global regulatory environment for health-related foods. Choose from our sessions about dietary supplements, medical foods and new dietary ingredients.

Health-Related Foods

  • Monday, 19 September

    10:00 11:15 am

    Ingredient Review and Safety: An International Perspective
    The rapid developments in food science and technology globally over the past half a century has led to significant developments in the entire food chain of how food is produced, transported, processed, packed and marketed to the consumer. In tune with this high speed progress as with any other advancement of technologies, the regulations and the regulatory guidelines must also align in order to keep pace with innovation and contribute for nurturing the innovative food products.   If not there will be a risk of diminishing and even halting some of these innovations.   This session addresses the above situation with a focus on ingredients. Speakers from a well reported global platform will also address the safety and review processes and how that process is evolving within the US, India, China and Australia.

    11:30 am12:30 pm

    Dietary Supplements and Claims

    This session on dietary supplements will focus on government and industry initiatives that will have major impacts on the industry. FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act is the biggest change in food regulation in decades and it will have an impact on many dietary supplement products. Hear how the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN) voluntary finished product registration program will create transparency in the industry that will assist both regulators and consumers. You will also receive the latest updates on policies and enforcement activities from the FDA.

    1:303:00 pm

    The Current Regulatory Landscape, Recent Changes and Challenges for Specialized Nutrition
    There is a growing body of evidence on the value of specialty nutritional products across a number of diseases and conditions.  These regulatory categories are essential for keeping these types of products in the marketplace.  However, at the same time, the regulations are limiting for future innovation. Join us for this engaging panel discussion where you will get a review of the current frameworks, hear significantly different points of view and garner practical solutions based on recent changes to the landscape.

    4:005:30 pm

    The Future of Medical Food/FSMP

    Medical food, also known as food for special medical purposes (FSMP), is a category of foods for special dietary uses at the borderline to medicines. FSMPs are specially processed or formulated and presented for the dietary management of patients and may be used only under medical supervision. As new, disruptive developments in medical, diagnostic and nutrition science are emerging, FSMPs will affect the practice of modern healthcare and the nature of patient care. Join us as we explore the benefits of FSMPs, as well as global issues that apply the law to emerging scientific and regulatory and policy matters for the dietary disease management of patients.