Strategies for your Career:  Finding YOUR Pathway into Regulatory Affairs (On-demand Webcast)

Our careers can sometimes take shape in unexpected ways, but being “in the right place at the right time” is often less of a coincidence than we may think. 

With six years focusing on the regulatory field, Erica Arkin will present ideas and techniques for improving how effectively you network and advocate for yourself within this highly competitive discipline. These concepts can give you an edge when you are considering your next career move and provide perspective for developing a long term career strategy that leverages your personal strengths.

For both active and passive job seekers, having a strong resume is critical. Arkin’s guidelines on resume writing and interviewing are essential to your professional success. If you are currently a regulatory professional, she will help you to critically evaluate your career path within your current company or with a new and wisely selected organization. If you are currently in the life sciences industry and interested in regulatory, Erica can help you identify potential avenues for making this transition.

Learning Level: Intermediate

Learning Objectives:
Upon the webcast's conclusion, you should be able to: 

o Identify potential avenues for transitioning into regulatory
o Critically evaluate how company size and stage shapes your career growth
o Prioritize opportunities within the life sciences industry
o Implement new approaches for networking and self-advocacy
o Apply real-world guidelines to resume writing and interview strategies

Who Should Attend:
o Life sciences professionals looking to transition into regulatory
o Regulatory professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities

Erica Arkin, search director, Clockwork Consulting

Based in Philadelphia, Erica Arkin is the search director for Clockwork Consulting, a boutique recruiting firm serving the biopharma industry. Prior to joining Clockwork in 2006, Arkin worked in pharmaceutical sales for AstraZeneca and Abbott Laboratories. Founded in 2001, Clockwork's approach embraces "Precision Recruiting," which emphasizes a personalized and targeted approach for their clients and candidates. For more than 10 years, Clockwork has had a significant focus in Regulatory and has successfully placed candidates in appointments up to and including the VP level.