On-demand Webcast: RAC (US) Exam Preparation Series (2016)(1)

Passing the RAC exam takes hard work and a lot of preparation. As part of a complete study plan for the RAC (US) exam, this popular webcast series can help, particularly with the exam’s analysis and application to the workplace components. This RAPS webcast series will provide applications and examples to help you expand your practical knowledge and put strong foundational knowledge to use. 

The live webcasts include interactive Q&A sessions with subject matter experts covering select topics. This also is a great opportunity to ask questions and clear up any areas of uncertainty you have about the exam.

Plus, you get free access to the recordings for an entire year, so you can revisit the information and make sure you get the most out of it—as many times as you need to.

Learning Levels: Basic, Intermediate

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who have registered or plan to register for the RAC (US) Exam
  • Regulatory professionals of all levels wishing to expand their knowledge