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On-demand Webcast: We Need to Talk

An on-demand recording of the RAPS Webcast, We Need to Talk, originally recorded on 16 March 2016.

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The workplace is a complex, diverse environment. Among colleagues, communication behavior likely is the most important individual trait driving interaction. Whether attempting to reach consensus, solicit support for a deliverable or simply succeed at requesting budget, this webcast...

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Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs, Eighth Edition

Table of Contents

Section I: General Information
Chapter 1 FDA and Related Regulatory Agencies
Chapter 2 History of Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law
Chapter 3 Overview of Drug, Biologic and Device Regulatory Pathways
Chapter 4 FDA Communications and Meetings
Chapter 5 Preparing for Key FDA Meetings and Advisory Committee Meetings
Chapter 6 Crisis Management
Chapter 7 Health Technology Assessment
Chapter 8 Good Laboratory Practice Regulations
Chapter 9 Clinical Trials: GCPs, Regulations and Compliance
Chapter 10 Current Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality System Design