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White House Doubles Down on Call to Fund FDA Entirely With Industry Fees By Zachary Brennan - Published 13 July 2017

Following the House of Represenatatives' passage of the bill to reauthorize US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) user fees on Wednesday, the White House doubled down on its earlier call to amend the agreements so that FDA is entirely funded by medical products industries.

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Trump Criticizes ‘Slow and Burdensome’ FDA Approval Process By Zachary Brennan - Published 01 March 2017

In a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump repeated his attacks on the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) "slow and burdensome approval process," promising to "slash the restraints, not just at FDA but across our government."

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Trump Sides With HHS’ Burwell and Democrats on Drug Price Negotiations By Zachary Brennan - Published 11 January 2017

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday opened his press conference with an unexpected shot at pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying groups on Capitol Hill, saying, "They’re getting away with murder."

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What the Incoming Trump Administration may Mean for FDA, Biopharma and Device Companies By Zachary Brennan - Published 10 November 2016

As pharmaceutical and biotech company stocks saw a quick rise in share prices yesterday, investors seem to believe the incoming Donald Trump administration and the avoidance of a California ballot measure on drug pricing will have a positive impact on the sector as a whole, at least financially.

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