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RAPS' Scope of Practice Survey Shows Regulatory Pros Play Increasingly Strategic Role; Compensation Up By Zachary Brousseau - Published 17 August 2016

RAPS today released the results of its biennial survey of healthcare product regulatory professionals around the world. The survey asked respondents about their daily work, education and professional backgrounds, and compensation. RAPS has compiled and published key survey results and analysis in its 2016 Scope of Practice & Compensation Report for the Regulatory Profession.

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RAPS Launches Global Survey of Regulatory Professionals' Work and Compensation By Zachary Brousseau - Published 23 February 2016

RAPS has just launched its biennial global survey of regulatory professionals who work with healthcare and related products. RAPS’ Scope of Practice & Compensation Survey of the Regulatory Profession, conducted every two years, is the largest and most comprehensive survey of professionals in this important field, vital to ensuring healthcare products are safe and effective.

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RAPS Wants to Know How to Better Help You; Survey Deadline: 27 March By RAPS Staff - Published 24 March 2015

RAPS has launched a new survey as part of its effort to  improve the website and make it the best source of information and  resources for regulatory professionals around the world.

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Too Fast, or Too Slow? Public Disagrees Over Pace of FDA's New Drug Approvals By Alexander Gaffney, RAC - Published 25 February 2015

According to a new survey, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in a lose-lose situation when it comes to regulating healthcare products.

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FDA Wants to Study if Drug Color, Shape and Size Affect Patient Adherence By Alexander Gaffney, RAC - Published 15 October 2014

US drug regulators have long known that the physical attributes of a drug product can affect its safety and efficacy. Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to know exactly how a change in a drug's appearance affects patient adherence.

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With PDUFA VI Negotiation Process Fast Approaching, BIO Takes Critical Look at Regulations By Alexander Gaffney, RAC - Published 06 August 2014

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), a trade group which represents biopharmaceutical companies, is launching a new tracking tool meant to assess how companies interact with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the hopes of improving the drug development process, it announced today.

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CDRH Sees Customer Satisfaction as a Driver of Innovation, Good Regulation By Alexander Gaffney, RAC - Published 16 June 2014

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) device regulatory branch, has a question for industry: How have we helped you lately?

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Public Warms to FDA in Recent Gallup Poll By Alexander Gaffney, RF News Editor - Published 28 May 2013

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Survey of Americans Show Trust in Big Pharma Only Slightly Above Faith in Existence of 'Lizard People' By Alexander Gaffney, RF News Editor - Published 05 April 2013

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Survey Shows Regulatory Concerns Rank Highest in Device Industry By Alexander Gaffney, RF News Editor - Published 22 February 2013

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Op-ed: New RAPS Research on the Regulatory Profession By Sherry Keramidas, Executive Director – RAPS, PhD, FASAE, CAE - Published 25 July 2012

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Untitled Letter to Acorda Therapeutics Highlights Recent FDA Review Trends By Alexander Gaffney - Published 09 July 2012

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Survey: Regulatory Pressures Top Concern for Pharmaceutical Companies By Alexander Gaffney - Published 26 June 2012

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FDA Plans Study on How Obese Patients Make Decisions, Perceive Risk By Alexander Gaffney - Published 18 April 2012

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Survey: FDA 510(k) Submissions Garner Most Concern Among Device Professionals By Alexander Gaffney - Published 16 March 2012

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Study of FDA Staff Scientists Finds Lingering Concerns Amidst Improving Outlook By Alexander Gaffney - Published 07 March 2012

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FDA Calls for Proposed Industry Labeling Standards By Alexander Gaffney - Published 29 February 2012

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Study Highlights Impact of Regulations on CEO Confidence By Alexander Gaffney - Published 11 January 2012

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