A view from 2012 RAPS


It's what separates the leaders from the rest of the crowd. What pushes you to take the ‘what if?’ and run with it.

It takes ideas and turns them into game-changers.

Every year, RAPS hosts The Regulatory Convergence, where the common denominator is an ambition to find out more and push things further.

You’re specialists and CEOs, directors and statisticians, consultants and recruiters. You work in research, clinical, pharma, medical devices, biologics, compliance, and at all different stages of the regulatory spectrum and product lifecycle.

And The Regulatory Convergence is where you come to figure out how to turn drive into action.

Join the visionaries, the leaders and thinkers at 2013 RAPS: The Regulatory Convergence, 28 September–2 October, in Boston.

About 2013 RAPS

2013 RAPS is hosted in Boston, 28 September–2 October. The Regulatory Convergence is where people from industry, agencies and universities all over the world come together to teach, learn, share ideas and make connections in a safe harbor environment.