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12 March 2014

A Case for Quality from an Industry Perspective

By Max Sherman

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently has asked whether it has been using the right methods to improve device quality. This article is an introduction to the history of quality improvement and its implementation. [Read More...]

4 February 2014

Aging: An Amazing Continuous Process

By Max Sherman

Aging defies an easy definition, at least in biological terms. It is not merely the passage of time. Age is the manifestation of biological events that occur over a span of time. It's also the subject of this Focus article by Max Sherman. [Read More...]

6 January 2014

Candida Albicans—An Opportunistic Organism

By Max Sherman

The opportunistic fungal pathogen, Candida albicans, lives benignly in our bodies, on our skin and mucosa membranes, until it senses we are weak; then it quickly adapts and goes on the offensive. This article describes the history of its discovery, characteristics, forms, opportunism, fungal infections and resistance.

[Read More...]

12 November 2013

Mathematics: The Essentials for All Regulatory Professionals

By Max Sherman

Mathematics underpins everything in medical science, and is a field that all regulatory professionals should embrace. This article offers a brief overview for those looking for an introduction to the field of statistical science and its relation to regulatory affairs.

[Read More...]

22 October 2013

Ticks: Much More Dangerous Than We Thought

By Max Sherman

Similar to mosquitoes, ticks are capable of carrying, supporting and injecting more kinds of disease-causing microbes than almost any other creature, and knowing about them is essential to prevention. This article will describe the life stages of ticks, methods of spreading disease, Lyme and other diseases and prevention. [Read More...]

19 September 2013

Oxytocin: A Surprisingly Versatile Hormone

By Max Sherman

This article briefly describes the versatile hormone Oxytocin and how other uses have been discovered since its original approval prior to the 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendments.

[Read More...]

13 August 2013

Using the Fishbone Diagram to Find Root Cause

By Herb Miller

Life science organizations today are faced with increasing regulatory pressure to offer products that are compliant, effective and efficient. While this is certainly the goal for many companies, issues often arise along the way, whether through a non-conformance identification, audit finding, customer complaint or another quality event. This is where root-cause analysis can help. While many people anxiously await the next miracle problem-solving tool, let me suggest an old and reliable friend—the fishbone diagram. [Read More...]

3 July 2013

Anesthetics: Questions Still Abound

By Max Sherman

This article attempts to answer questions about anesthetic drugs -- their mechanism of action, their qualities and their side effects -- while providing an abbreviated history of anesthesia. [Read More...]

5 June 2013

Fecal Transplant—a Very Unusual Treatment Method

By Max Sherman

Could anyone imagine a medical condition that would warrant administering a stool specimen from a donor? It just so happens that such treatment first occurred more than 50 years ago, and continues today. [Read More...]

30 April 2013

Mindfulness Training: A Means to Reduce Human Error

By Max Sherman

Minimizing or preventing mistakes is the linchpin of quality. It defines quality control in its strictest sense and is the key to maintaining an effective quality program. This article discusses the causes of human mistakes, mistake proofing and mindfulness training as a means to improve reading ability, working memory and task focus. [Read More...]

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