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Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program

OU CertificateThe RAPS Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program offers unique curricula to round out the regulatory knowledge and professional skills of you or your organizational team. 

Whether the goal is to gain a better understanding of the regulated health product industry or to bolster your resume or curriculum vitae, the Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program is a valuable professional advancement resource.

 About the Program

These exclusive certificates are achieved by completing a series of customizable online courses, with an emphasis on medical devices and/or pharmaceuticals––either nine or 14 courses.

Courses are composed of several topical lessons featuring interactive exercises, detailed explanatory text, engaging graphics, as well as hyperlinks to additional reference material and resources. A short quiz at the end of each lesson measures your incremental learning and an inclusive final exam measures your overall comprehension of the course's subject. Navigate through course lessons at your own pace and schedule.

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 Program Options

With three program options, the curricula are designed to flex to suit your educational needs and goals:

Already have a Regulatory Affairs Certificate in Medical Devices or Pharmaceuticals?

Upgrade to the Dual Certificate and continue to enhance regulatory knowledge of you or  your organizational team. You must complete the remaining two core courses of the Dual Certificate not taken as part of your original Certificate program and three additional three electives to receive recognition of satisfactory achievement of the Dual Certificate.

 Certificate vs. Certification
The Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program is a series of online courses designed to give you knowledge in specific healthcare product areas including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or a combined certificate in both. Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) is a professional credential recognizing you have proficiency in and a level of comprehension of regulatory knowledge in healthcare product areas.
Once earned, you receive a certificate that does not have ongoing maintenance or renewal requirements. Once earned, the RAC credential is maintained by recertifying every three years by acquiring 36-credits from a regulatory-oriented activity.
This regulatory affairs certificate is a stand-alone document signifying successful completion of the courses. The RAC credential is a professional certification earned by passing an exam, administrated by an accredited third-party testing provider.
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New to Regulatory?

RAPS Online University Regulatory Basics Bundle
Get a solid foundation of regulatory knowledge, while learning at your own pace.

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