Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program

Expand your knowledge. Enhance your credibility.

The Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program combines RAPS’ renowned expertise with industry-leading training to expand your regulatory knowledge and strengthen your organization. By completing four core and five elective courses, you earn a certificate that highlights your dedication to excellence. Armed with new knowledge, you will stay ahead of your competition, bring new skills and understanding to your team and advance your career.

Created for busy regulatory affairs professionals, the Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program offers three diverse and flexible tracks designed to expand your base of knowledge in medical devices, pharmaceuticals or both.

  • Three Paths to Success
  • Advance your Career
  • Benefits

Three Paths to Success

The Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program offers three programs to challenge, reward and bolster your regulatory excellence:

Advance your Career

Regulatory Industry Leaders (and Would-Be Regulatory Industry Leaders)

With an emphasis on the future of the regulatory profession, the Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program cements your position as a leader in the field. You learn more, achieve more and bring more to the table when you’re armed with RAPS certification.

When you’re ready to enhance your knowledge base and increase your credibility in the regulatory affairs profession, reach out to RAPS.



Investing in yourself through the Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program highlights your commitment to your regulatory career. With it, you expand your knowledge and boost your credibility with clients, employers and colleagues.


Your success is the foundation of our business at RAPS. The Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program pushes you to achieve more while driving you to greater levels of regulatory excellence.


When you enroll in the Regulatory Affairs Certificate Program, you bring greater value to your organization and the profession as a whole. Contributing meaningfully to your team solidifies your place within your organization today, tomorrow and beyond.

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