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Like anything worth having, earning the RAC won't be easy. You need a plan and the right resources. The RAC (US) Prep Toolbox has just the right stuff to get you there.

The Toolbox brings together a full range of valuable resources to help you identify your strengths and gap areas, gives you a sense for the kinds of questions you will be tested on and clarifies how the exam is structured. It's flexible and puts you in control. You decide how and when to use the tools in a way that fits your schedule and life's demands—while ensuring you stay on track and are confident and well-prepared on exam day.

Your Toolbox includes anytime access for an entire year to:

*Add the hardcover version of Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs, 10th Edition

Register for the RAC Exam

The Prep Toolbox has everything you need to prepare, but does not include registration for the actual exam. Make sure you're signed up for the next exam cycle.