Call for Authors


Have you ever wanted to write for Regulatory Focus, but were hesitant to take that first step toward getting published?

We're here to help.

Writing for Focus is a rewarding experience that can place your work in front of a substantial segment of the regulatory profession. Just over the past year, Regulatory Focus has had more than 2.3 million page views from some 750,000 unique visitors worldwide.

And our visitors come from around the globe, everywhere from India, the EU, China, Canada, Japan and nearly everywhere else on Earth (to the one visitor from Tuvalu—we thank you for your readership).

They're an engaged bunch, hungry for regulatory content and looking for insight on how they can do their jobs better. And when you write for Focus, that audience will be reading your article and engaging with your ideas.

Here’s your chance. Regulatory Focus is seeking volunteers to write on topics that are relevant, interesting and/or newsworthy. You can contribute in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Feature articles marked by an in-depth analysis of a regulatory topic
  • Articles on quality, compliance, science, technology or legal topics
  • Perspectives pieces presenting well-thought-out opinions on regulatory topics

When you write for Regulatory Focus, you are not alone. You are backed by the regulatory expertise of our Board of Editors, who will help mentor you along the way as you take your draft article to final publication. You will also be assisted by the staff members of Regulatory Focus, who will shepherd your article through to publication on the Regulatory Focus website.

So don't be shy—send us your ideas and we'll help transform your insight into an article that can reach thousands. Contact Regulatory Focus' managing editor at to begin the process.