Regulatory Recon


What is Regulatory Recon?

Regulatory Recon—formerly known as Regulatory Reconnaissance—is a daily news and regulatory intelligence tracking service published on Regulatory Focus.

Each morning, the Regulatory Focus team finds the world's top regulatory news stories related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, medical devices and dietary supplements, and organizes them into a single, easy-to-read document published on our website.

We scour the Internet for the most important, interesting and relevant news of the day, allowing you to stay current with the regulatory affairs field without having to spend hours each day searching for information.

Is Regulatory Recon Available Free of Charge?

Regulatory Recon is available free of charge. 

Some of the links provided within Regulatory Recon are, however, only available to the subscribers of that particular website. Those links are appended with a "-$" mark next to the URL. We think it's important that our readers be made aware of important regulatory developments, even if they can't always read them.

When is Regulatory Recon Published?

Regulatory Recon is published each morning on Regulatory Focus at around 10:00 am EST. It is not published on weekends or on most major US holidays.

Where can I read the Latest Issue of Regulatory Recon?

You can find the latest edition of Regulatory Reconnaissance (and 500+ older editions) here.