Health Canada Accelerating Approvals to Ease Drug Shortages

Posted 19 March 2012 By Alexander Gaffney

Health Canada announced last week that it will expedite the review of 23 new drug applications (NDAs) in order to ease a growing shortage of medicines, reports Pharma Times.

Federal Health Minister Leona Agukkag said Health Canada hopes to review the drugs within a one-month timeframe instead of the six-month timeframe that reviews normally take.

The problem highlights the unintended consequences of bulk purchasing, remarked a spokesman for Health Canada. Bulk purchasing by the Canadian government has created a highly concentrated market, which means disruptions at almost any facility will create a shortage situation.

The drug shortage situation has grown particularly acute in recent days after a manufacturing facility owned by Sandoz caught fire, halting production at a site responsible for making nearly 90% of all injectable drugs used in Canada.

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