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Social Media Kit

We are excited to see you at this year’s Convergence in San Antonio, TX. Whether you are active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, we have digital images you can use to share with your network:

  • Attendees: Keep your peers and colleagues in the loop and let them know you will be coming.
  • Speakers: Tell your followers the session(s) you will be speaking at. 
  • Exhibitors: Share your booth location and invite community to drop in for a visit. 

Step 1

Choose from the images provided below for your updated profile picture, post or tweet.

The images are presented here at the same width, but the downloaded file will be the correct size for each use.

Step 2

Tell your network why you are excited about attending Convergence.

Is it for networking? Sessions

Share specifics on what you are looking forward to in your posts.

Are you an exhibitor? Don't forget your booth number!

Step 3

Don't forget to tag peers and colleagues. They may want to join you for Convergence.

You can even start networking or making plans to visit attractions around the city with your friends who are heading to Convergence.

Step 4

Make sure to use our hashtag: #RAPSConvergence, so that your posts and discussions will be displayed on our website homepage.

If you haven't already, follow RAPS on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can easily retweet and re-post messages that come from RAPS accounts.

Thanks again for spreading the word about Convergence. We look forward to seeing your posts and you at the San Antonio in September.

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Facebook Cover

LinkedIn and Facebook Post

Twitter Cover

Twitter Post

Instagram Post