Focus Forward

Executive director Sherry Keramidas offers her views on the regulatory profession, the world they work in and the challenges they face in their careers.


8 February 2012

Looking at the Regulatory Profession at a Critical Time

By Sherry Keramidas, PhD, FASAE, CAE

For more than 20 years, RAPS has studied the scope of practice and compensation of regulatory professionals. Through our biennial survey, we have tracked the growing and increasingly varied responsibilities of regulatory professionals and the accompanying need for new knowledge and competencies; the career development patterns of regulatory professionals; the compensation trends; and the role of professionals within their organizations.

RAPS has recently launched the 2012 Global Scope of Practice and Compensation Survey and this research may be even more important now than ever before. The health sector is undergoing change and scrutiny at an unprecedented pace while the need and demand for safe and effective healthcare products continues to escalate. The regulatory profession is growing worldwide and its role in helping to guide and shape the health sector may also be increasing. Now is the time to examine the profession and the roles its practitioners are playing at all levels.   [Read More...]

1 December 2011

Challenging Times Can Lead to Exciting Directions

By Sherry Keramidas, PhD, FASAE, CAE

As this year comes to a close, I took a little time to reflect on the challenges of the past year—and there were many. I find it useful to contemplate how these challenges may create opportunities for the year ahead. Let’s consider a few.

Economic issues rippled around the world and many governments are grappling with aging populations, increases in chronic disease and escalating health costs. Businesses are also facing changes in their models—from shifts in the sources of research and development to increasingly global supply chains, more-complex manufacturing systems and changes in overall funding and revenue streams. In the healthcare product sector, we have seen increased merger and acquisition activity, and continued political and public pressures stemming from consumer expectations of faster access to better products while eliminating risk.

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1 November 2011


By Sherry Keramidas, PhD, FASAE, CAE

We see the need for making lasting changes in ourselves (perhaps personally and professionally), in our organizations and in our communities. There are plenty of books on change. So why is it so hard to change and do it well?

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