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Each month, a member of our Board of Editors leads the effort to develop in-depth, interesting feature articles for Regulatory Focus. With their years of experience and education, they get the opportunity to share their views on the month’s topic.


In Focus | 1 December 2011

Last Print Edition of Focus: End of an Era... Beginning of a Promise

This is the last print issue of Regulatory Focus. Starting next month, Focus will be available only electronically on

Since its inception in January of 1996, Focus has been the flagship publication for regulatory professionals around the world. In more than 2,000 feature articles published over the last 15 years, it has provided a platform to discuss a vast array of topics of interest to regulatory professionals. Read More...

In Focus | 1 November 2011

Economics in Regulatory

This month’s theme is economics and regulatory strategy. Although it is still common for many regulatory professionals to be concerned only with the pure scientific/regulatory side of their work, as the profession has evolved over the years, the ambit of advice they provide has expanded—and with it, their need for knowledge of the entire product lifecycle, from the glimmer in an inventor’s eye, through research, trials, approval and even marketing. Many of these stages require an eye to the economics of product development, launch and even postmarket events.