The Power of One - 90-Day Challenge

Our members' voices are our best way to tell member prospects how being part of the RAPS’ global community can help them keep on top of the latest regulatory issues, connect with professionals worldwide, and build the skill set that will help them advance their careers.

By reaching out to friends and colleagues in your network and telling your story of how membership has helped you, you are assisting to build a stronger RAPS and will support RAPS’ ability to provide the tools and resources you and the regulatory profession needs.

Tell the story of why you're a member.


The campaign runs from 2 May – 31 July


Tips to Get Started

Tell Your Story

Tell the story about why you're a member

Why did you join? What was the most compelling message about RAPS that made you want to be a part of this community? If there was a person who influenced your decision to join, why did his/her opinion matter?

Provide Examples

Provide examples

A positive testimonial is one of the strongest tools. Describe how membership has given you the tools to help you succeed, build meaningful professional relationships, or advance your career.

Recruits Needs

Focus on your recruit's needs

Do they know RAPS is the global leader for regulatory healthcare professional development, education, certifications, and conferences? Make sure they are aware of all the ways RAPS serves as the premier organization for pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory professionals at every level of their careers.

Close the Deal

Let us help you close the deal

RAPS stands ready to help your recruitment efforts. Need a member services staffer to call or send more information to prospects?

Simply email and we’ll step in.


How are Recruits Tracked?

To make sure new member referrals are tracked properly, please instruct your referrals to enter your name and email address on the membership application (online and paper form). Make sure that they place your information on the line/field titled “Enter the email address of the member who referred you to RAPS”.

Below are examples of where it is located on the application:


Social Media Toolkit

Use the social media kit via GleanIn to assist you with member recruitment as part of the Power of One — 90 Day Challenge. GleanIn is free to use, requires no login, no downloads, and it will only take a few minutes to share a personalized post of your choice on any or all of your social media profiles.

Note: Neither RAPS nor GleanIn will have access to your social media account or any personal information.




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RAPS members who refer professionals to join between 2 May through 31 July will compete for prizes.

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Grand Prize

Free full-access registration to RAPS Convergence 2022, 2 nights hotel, and a $250 Visa gift card.*

*In case of a tie, one other person will be randomly selected to receive a $500 Visa gift card or credit for RAPS learning products.

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Second Place

$250 Visa gift card or RAPS learning products.

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Third Place

$150 Visa gift card or credit RAPS learning products.

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Weekly Random Drawing

$50 Visa gift card or credit for RAPS learning products.

Winners will be announced in August 2022