Regulatory Focus is produced by a team of Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society staff and Board of Editors members. The content editor (a RAPS staff member) and editorial leaders plan and develop content, and solicit articles from regulatory authors and sources.

A minimum of 12 members will serve on the BoE for a 3-year term, maximum 2 consecutive terms. Senior BoE members (those who have served on the board for at least 12 months) should serve once as lead editor. During their first year on the board, new members serve as assistant editors. Every member of the BoE must volunteer and work on the development of articles for at least two months. Members who do not work on at least two months during the course of the year will be dropped from the BoE.

Advice and contributions from BoE members are encouraged, even if unrelated to their assigned months. Contact the managing editor or the lead editor if you have any story ideas and/or names of potential authors.

In addition to feature articles for publication, there is a need for other information that complements the main features. This can include shorter articles that address a specific aspect of a subject raised in a feature, interviews with authors or opinion leaders and lists of information sources. We are also looking for audio and video offerings as well as interactive components that can go with written text or stand alone.

When you attend a workshop/conference/meeting, talk with colleagues, etc., think of Regulatory Focus and encourage those you meet to write if you think they could present content that is relevant, interesting or newsworthy. Keep an eye on current events and talk with colleagues about how it could affect the industry and get them to write about it.

Editors are also expected to encourage authors to be involved in the online discussion of their articles through Regulatory Exchange, our private social media community led entirely by RAPS members. We want to facilitate the exchange of thoughts and ideas as much as possible.

BoE Team Members

Lead editor - This team member is ultimately responsible for ensuring that articles are assigned and submitted in a timely fashion. Members of the Board of Editors will review each article for relevance, accuracy and worthiness. This process assures that Regulatory Focus maintains the high standards and quality that members have come to expect from the feature articles. The primary and assistant editorial leaders have the same responsibilities and duties, and equally share the workload of producing content for the month.

Assistant editors - Have the same responsibilities for recruiting authors and reviewing articles as the lead editor and share the workload equally.

Editors' Responsibilities

  • The lead editor initiates work months before the beginning of their assigned month, contacting the assistant editors by phone or email and determining who will focus on recruiting authors for which stories.
  • All editors assigned to a month develop ideas about the content of the feature articles. Each issue should have four to six articles that are longer, more in-depth, and at least four articles that are more topical, more timely.
  • The editors solicit authors for articles from industry, government, etc.
  • After making contact with potential contributors, the lead editor will email the author's name, title, company, mailing address, phone number, fax number, email address and a brief description of the article (or a draft title for the article) to the managing editor.
  • The lead and assistant editors should ensure articles include a global focus and do not address only FDA or US regulations exclusively (if possible).
  • The lead editor will talk with authors who submit unsolicited articles/topics to determine whether the article is appropriate.
  • The lead editor will review submitted articles to ensure that the content is accurate and acceptable for Regulatory Focus .

RAPS Staff Team Members

The content editor and graphic designer ensure that the articles are published in a timely fashion and meet high standards for quality in content and appearance (with a focus on content). The content editor oversees strategic planning efforts, policy/guideline development and is responsible for the day-to-day functions of editing and publishing the articles. The graphic designer oversees the visual design of pages, artistic creation and development of charts, tables, etc.


The BoE shall hold two meetings each year; one during June and one during the RAPS Annual Conference & Exhibition. BoE members are expected to attend in person or via conference call. Conference calls or e-mail shall be used for any special matters that arise and that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting.


The BoE shall consist of volunteer member of RAPS and shall serve without remuneration.


Anything a BoE member contributes to Regulatory Focus (article, issue summaries, etc.) during his/her term is copyrighted by RAPS. See the RAPS assignment of copyright form for more information.