5 Reasons to Send Your Employees to RAPS Regulatory Convergence

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Professional development is important for both individuals and the organizations they work for. But conferences can be expensive and when you oversee multiple employees, keeping within your budget while choosing the most beneficial conference or training to send them to can be a challenge. For regulatory professionals and teams, RAPS’ Regulatory Convergence is a unique event with a lot to offer. Why should you send your employees to this premier regulatory conference? Here are five compelling reasons to consider.

1. Help Your Employees Network

Networking is one of the top reasons to attend a conference. Connections made at industry and professionals events can become trusted contacts, lead to new business or even become part of your team someday. Networking is important, but not everyone is instinctively comfortable doing it. This year’s Convergence will feature a networking path, in which new attendees and those who want to get more out of their networking opportunities, can participate. It starts with an orientation breakfast on day one, and includes several other dedicated events, such as a facilitated speed-networking session, where participants will hone their networking skills—learning questions to ask, how to approach someone and more.

2. Your Employees Will Be Happier

Investing in your employees makes them feel valued. Sending staff to the Regulatory Convergence shows them you want them to learn, expand their knowledge and bring lessons learned back to share with the rest of the team. They can attend one of the pre-conference workshops for more in-depth learning in a specific area or sit in on one of the ‘Conversations That Matter’ sessions to discuss real-world successes and failures of organizations like yours. Having the support to attend Convergence and grow professionally can help increase job satisfaction and performance.

3. Your Employees Will Be Empowered

Whether sending a group or just a single employee to Convergence, knowing what to do, which sessions to attend and who to talk to among the more than 2,000 attendees, speakers and other participants can be daunting, especially for a first-time attendee. This year’s event will include designated times and places for conversations with agency representatives, expert speakers and peers. RAPS will ensure all attendees feel empowered with guidance from RAPS volunteers, ambassadors and staff.

4. Build Awareness for Your Organization

Whether your company is a large, established name or a small enterprise, the Convergence offers a chance to establish or further your brand in the global regulatory community. There are myriad business cards, exchanging of info and networking opportunities, and sending your best employees to represent your company helps boost your organization’s reputation. The people they speak to in your industry and related areas get to know your company too. You help your brand simply by sending someone.

5. Reduced Company Cost

It can be hard choosing just one person from your team to go, and the cost of sending multiple employees can add up but don’t assume it’s out of your budget. RAPS offers discounts for members as well as group rates that significantly lower the cost per person. If your employees each attend one professional development opportunity per year, sending them individually to different events independently can increase company costs for lodging and travel. When you send them to Convergence as a group, these costs can be shared. As a bonus, you can mix your newer and more experienced staff to encourage knowledge-sharing and mentoring outside of the everyday work environment.

To learn more or to register for the Convergence, visit RAPS.org/Convergence2018.


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