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The ROI of Sending Staff to Regulatory Convergence: 4 Ways Your Organization Benefits

Posted 10 April 2018 | By Zachary Brousseau 

The ROI of Sending Staff to Regulatory Convergence: 4 Ways Your Organization Benefits

As the largest annual conference for healthcare product regulatory professionals, RAPS’ Regulatory Convergence offers a number of compelling reasons to attend that resonate both with individual professionals and the organizations that employ them. Hearing updates directly from regulators, professional networking, learning from peers and building brand awareness are some of the top reasons cited by attendees and supervisors alike.

Sending one or more members of your regulatory team to Convergence is an investment—in your team, in your organization and in your reputation. As with any investment, you should know what kind of return to expect and how to maximize it. There are at least four clear areas where employers benefit by sending staff to Convergence, as well as some straightforward ways to leverage attendance to get the most for both attendee and employer.

1. Convergence Attendees Get Access to Regulators

The Convergence features presentations, updates and panel discussions involving officials from regulatory agencies around the world. Attendees typically hear from representatives from regulators like the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, the World Health Organization; the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Health Canada, Brazil’s ANVISA and others. In addition to prepared presentations, Q&A sessions offer the chance to ask direct questions, and there are often opportunities for informal conversation with regulators as well. While it’s not the forum to discuss specific applications or get official agency feedback, these face-to-face interactions can provide insight into regulators’ current thinking or future plans in specific areas of interest to your organization and may help your team be better prepared to address regulators’ concerns in the future.

2. Convergence Attendees Become More Valuable Employees

Attendees hear from regulatory experts and thought leaders providing the latest information on best practices, regulatory strategies and pitfalls to avoid. They learn from case studies that can help create frameworks for thinking about how your company might follow a similar process and offer insight into lessons from the successes and failures of others. They get a mix of different expert perspectives from panel discussions on key issues. They learn from and share ideas with their regulatory peers from around the world. As a result, attendees can return to the office with increased knowledge, deeper understanding and greater confidence in their ability to apply what they’ve learned.

3. Convergence Attendees Can Share Knowledge

In addition to boosting their own knowledge, attendees can also share what they’ve learned with the entire regulatory team back at the office, including those who were unable to attend. Taking detailed notes during relevant sessions, and even after particularly insightful conversations, can be a great help for both sharing important lesson and bolstering retention of important information after the fact. Attendees also have access to a library of Convergence session recordings and slides they can reference if they need clarification on anything covered in particular presentations.

4. Convergence Attendees Can Build Your Brand

Networking is an important component of any professional conference, and the Convergence offers attendees the chance to meet some of the most prominent players in the global regulatory community. The contacts they make can help them not only build their own professional network, but they also boost awareness of your organization and help build its brand. The more engaged they are, the better your organization is represented. Employees who participate as a speakers or session leaders can further spotlight your company as an respected source of regulatory knowledge.

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