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RAPS relaunches enhanced Regipedia, the wiki built for regulatory pros

Posted 27 January 2021 | By Zachary Brousseau 

RAPS relaunches enhanced Regipedia, the wiki built for regulatory pros

RAPS has relaunched its member-exclusive, RAPS Regipedia, an online wiki compilation of regulatory terms and definitions originally derived from RAPS’ Acronyms & Definitions guides.

The Acronyms & Definitions guides have been on regulatory professionals’ bookshelves for nearly two decades as handy references for looking up all manner of terms related to the regulation of drugs, medical devices, biologics and other healthcare products. RAPS used the content of those essential guides as the basis for Regipedia, a centralized, always up-to-date, free online resource for RAPS members.

First launched in 2020, Regipedia has been now updated and enhanced. It currently includes more than 2,300 acronyms, terms, and definitions, but is designed to grow and be updated as often as needed, and not just by RAPS editors. Regipedia has been built as a wiki, so RAPS members not only have the ability search for terms and definitions, they can also submit edits and additions.

In simple terms, a wiki is a website that allows users to add and update content. Most internet users have likely used one at some point. Wikipedia, probably the best-known example, boasts about 20 billion monthly pageviews from 1.6 billion unique devices.

As a wiki, Regipedia takes a collaborative editing approach. Any RAPS member can suggest additions or edits, allowing the content to be updated in near real time. Like Wikipedia, Regipedia relies on the wisdom of the crowd, but in this case, the “crowd” isn’t just anyone, it is RAPS members only, so you know that any changes come directly from regulatory professionals.

In addition to proposing new definitions or edits, members may submit references, suggest links to additional external resources, or add relevant images. All submissions are vetted by RAPS’ editorial review team, and updates generally are made live within 48 business hours.

As a crowdsourced tool, Regipedia has enormous potential to become a repository of the collective knowledge of RAPS members everywhere. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge, make additions, or help update or clarify terms as necessary for the benefit fellow regulatory professionals and the entire global RAPS community. Sign up as a volunteer editor/contributor through the RAPS Volunteer Portal.


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