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138 Global Professionals Earn Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) in Autumn 2020

Posted 09 March 2021 | By Zachary Brousseau 

138 Global Professionals Earn Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) in Autumn 2020

RAPS announced today the names of 138 individuals who passed Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) exams last autumn. By passing the rigorous exam, they earn the RAC, the leading credential for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector.

The RAC exams test knowledge of regulations governing pharmaceutical products or medical devices, depending on which version of the exam—RAC Drugs or RAC Devices—is taken, as well as how the regulations are applied in real-world scenarios. Of the 138 passers, 79 passed the RAC Drugs exam, and 59 passed the RAC Devices exam. One person passed both.

“I want to extend RAPS’ wholehearted congratulations to everyone who earned the RAC, particularly over the past year with its unprecedented challenges,” said RAPS Interim Executive Director Bill McMoil. “Earning the RAC credential is always a significant accomplishment, but the COVID-19 global health emergency required both exam takers and the program itself to quickly adjust and adapt. Everyone who earned the RAC, and everyone who helped keep the exam program going, deserves our unreserved praise.”

Last year, RAPS launched a pilot program allowing candidates to take the exam online using their own computers from home or another private location. RAPS also expanded the number of exam periods available from two to three per year.

The next RAC exam period accepting applications will be this summer, 12 July–20 August, and the deadline to apply is 17 June. Following that, the next exam period will be 1 November–10 December, with an application deadline of 7 October. Applications are being accepted now for both exam periods. For more information, visit RAPS.org/rac.

To maintain the credential, RAC holders must recertify every three years through continuous learning, professional development, regulatory leadership, and an overall ongoing commitment to the profession.

Following is the complete list of those who earned the RAC credential during autumn 2020. (* indicates an individual passed both exams.)


RAC Devices

Trang Adams
Yaser Aljuwaid
Julia Anastas
Maham Ansari
Emilie Boscardin
Monica Bravo-Martinez
Charles Buehler
Emily Campbell
Angel Casanova Torres
Daman Chadha
Kendall Ciriaco
Antonia Alexandra Georgina C Claasz
Craig Coombs
Karlee Criado
Hong Cui
Kruti Damani
Dharaben Desai
Bo Gao
Serena Guiducci
Carolyn Guthrie
Judith Haden
Amy Hardwick
Garry Hayeck
Katelin Henninger
Ian Herrman
Heather Hourihan
Sukhpreet Kaur
Mary Kennell
Anna King
Hamish King
Alexandra Kirby
Vindeep Kohli
Marta Kourliandtchik
Shilpa Kuttetira
Frank Maistrovich
Shikha Malik
Hans Mannerstrale
Megha Mathur
Alexis Northcutt
Rebecca Odulio
Anisha Panth
Jigarbhai Patel
Eila Pattee
Kristen Pena
Grace Perrin*
Elizabeth Platt
Susan Qualey
Christopher Rogers
Jacob Rome
Kathrin Schalper
Jonathan Schell
Michael Schnabel
Thorsten Stumpf
Joshua Van De Riet
Nathan Van Sweden
An Vu
Cameron Whipple
Christine Xu
Scott Zawko

RAC Drugs

Abolade Adeolu
Nikhil Akkenapelli
Md Shahnwaj Alam
Yanming An
John Atwater
Sepideh Bakhtiari
Olga Batista Jimenez
Marie-Pier Benoit
Bridget Browder
Julian Chun
Thomas Coady
Francisco Cordero
Danielle Craig
Priyal Dave
Li Deng
Robert Dixon
Vandana Dole
Lara Duffney
Emily Dvorsky
Oyinlola Fashina
Susanne Goeters
Suresh Kumar Gorentla Venkata
Grant Griffin
Xiaocong Guo
Kevin Hacker
Anke Hildebrandt
Kailash Jain
Kimberly Jochman
Heather Jones
Jessica Jordan
Sabrina Khalil
Christopher Konig
Shailaja Kunda
Nina Lategan
Eik Lang Lau
Anne Lee
Clayton Litchmore
Lan Ma
Vijaya Darshan Makhey
Rachel Manthe-Gross
Senthilkumar Mariappan
Josh Mccall
Wei Miao
Vini Modi
Fedra Molaie - Holagh
Merrie Mosedale
Linda Mudyiwenyama
Gaurav Nandrajog
Chinedu Okpalor
Amy Orr
Ramon Padilla
Aman Panag
Grace Perrin*
Sravan Kumar Reddy Pirakala
Marzieh Rahbarian
Yogananth Rajendran
Brilliant Samunda
Lauren Schoukroun Barnes
Anna Sedello
Patience Shabangu
Kun Shen
Sujit Shetty
Anju Singh
Sabine Snaar
Richard Spaziano
Matthew Steele
Taegen Sullivan
Shauna Swanson
Shah Tanveer
Harriet Thomasson
Revathiswari Tirughana Sambandan
Ellen Truitt
Sarah Usatch
Stephanie Val
Peter Webber
Kristy White
Chia-Chen Wu
Ran Xu
Xiaoyong Zhao


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