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Speed creation, MLR, and distribution of commercial medtech content

Posted 01 May 2021 | By Terri Howard 

Speed creation, MLR, and distribution of commercial medtech content

Regulatory and marketing teams across medtech are tasked with managing ever-increasing volumes of information to produce accurate and compliant promotional materials that help drive business.
Sounds like your organization, right? Creating commercial content and managing the medical, legal, regulatory (MLR) review process can be time consuming. However, it is imperative to ensure the content is accurate and readily available to all stakeholders. Combined with ever-changing policy, laws, and regulations, maintaining compliance can become extremely overwhelming.
As the volume of information continues to increase in the age of information overload, medtech companies face compliance risks in continuing to operate with manual and/or siloed systems that could disrupt their ability to effectively deliver compliant commercial content. To succeed and meet ambitious objectives to automate MLR process and have a single source-of-truth repository, many leading medtech companies are implementing cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solutions to better create, store, and distribute compliant commercial content.

Accelerate time-to-market compliantly

Historically, medtech content is stored on individual laptops or hard drives, making it challenging to manage. In addition to leveraging a DAM system to store all content in a single, globally accessible platform, medtech companies should also look for automated workflow functionality, allowing streamlined creation, approval, and distribution of content to help accelerate time-to-market. A best-in-class DAM system should also have legal standard operating procedures (SOP) built-in to open up more bandwidth for marketers to spend time on the substance and quality of their content. Finally, regulatory and marketing teams can have the ability to curate, store, manage and push approved content to channels automatically while still controlling and addressing all regulatory and legal requirements.

Better engage the audience and be the preferred channel of information

DAM systems enable omnichannel distribution and syndication of content to affiliates, customers, and other targeted audiences in near real time. Engagement is higher because when your content requires updates to remain relevant, the system allows you to quickly make those changes to provide the updated material automatically. When audiences find outdated or irrelevant content in your channels, they are less likely to return. However, when target audiences consistently find relevant and timely content to meet their needs, that leads to a stronger brand reputation and a preference to use you as their preferred channel for information.

Decrease costs and drive ROI

DAM tools can reduce content development costs overall and drive efficiency across other core content management metrics, including a reduction in review cycle time, improved compliance procedures, and reduction in time spent on agencies initiating and uploading jobs.
New analytical insights from these tools can identify trends and pinpoint exactly where they are coming from. This helps marketing report on how their activities are impacting business.
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Terri Howard is director of commercial content strategy at Veeva MedTech


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