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Senate subcommittee advances FY2022 FDA funding bill

Posted 03 August 2021 | By Michael Mezher 

Senate subcommittee advances FY2022 FDA funding bill

The Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees funding for the US Food and Drug and Administration advanced a bill that would give a $200 million boost in budget authority to the agency in FY2022.
The bill advanced following a brief markup on Monday evening where a motion to report it to the full committee passed without objection. The full Appropriations Committee is set to consider the bill Wednesday morning.
The total funding for FDA under the proposed legislation is $3.414 billion, roughly a 6% increase over the agency’s budget authority for FY2021. However, the Senate proposal comes up short compared to the $3.471 billion allocated to FDA under the appropriations bill that passed in the House last week. The House bill would represent a $257 million increase for the agency of the previous year. (RELATED: House Appropriations advances FDA funding bill, Regulatory Focus 1 July 2021)
The funding increase for FDA under both chambers’ bills is less than the $343 million increase called for in President Joe Biden’s budget request. (RELATED: Biden’s first budget request seeks $6.5 billion for FDA, Regulatory Focus 1 June 2021)
“The subcommittee mark represents a strong commitment by the Senate to FDA’s resource needs and is consistent with the Alliance’s FY22 request that FDA receive no less than a $200 million increase in [budget authority] funding,” said Steven Grossman, executive director of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA.
“The Senate subcommittee started with a significantly lower budget allocation than the House. However, both bodies chose to provide slightly more than 13% of their available funds to FDA,” he said.
While the text of the bill has not been released, a summary of the bill says the increased funding will be focused on “food safety and medical product safety activities.” Some specific measures identified in the summary include $62 million in funding to address the opioid crisis, $24 million of which will be earmarked for international mail facilities. “Millions of illegal products, including opioids, enter these facilities from countries all over the world.  FDA is on the front lines to ensure these products do not make it into commerce and these additional funds will allow FDA to continue this important work,” the summary states.
FDA would also receive a $25 million increase in funding for information technology and an additional $15 million to enhance its facility inspection operations.
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