RAPS congratulates 82 professionals for earning RAC certification

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RAPS congratulates the 82 professionals who earned their Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) during the summer examination window. The RAC credential is the leading certification for regulatory professionals in the healthcare product sector.
These individuals join a cadre of more than 5,000 professionals who hold at least one RAC credential globally. 
“On behalf of RAPS, I offer my sincere congratulations to the 82 professionals who passed these challenging exams,” said RAPS Interim Executive Director Bill McMoil. “Earning the RAC credential is a big milestone. It signals to employers, clients and colleagues that the holder is knowledgeable, capable and committed to regulatory excellence.” 
The RAC exams are rigorous. To pass, one must demonstrate not only knowledge of healthcare product regulations, but also the analytical and critical thinking skills to apply them in a variety of scenarios. There are two different RAC exams. The RAC-Drugs exam covers regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical and biologic products, and the RAC-Devices exam covers regulations governing medical devices and technology. 

“Congratulations to the new RAC credential holders,” said RAPS Credentialing Director Jennifer Naughton. "RAC holders are recognized and respected globally, and their presence within an organization and as independent consultants provides deep reassurance to key stakeholders and the public.” 
RAC-credentialed professionals are among the current and rising leaders in the regulatory profession. To maintain the credential, RAC holders must recertify every three years by demonstrating continuous learning, professional development, regulatory leadership, and an ongoing commitment to the profession. To apply to take the exam next year, visit RAPS.org/rac
The following individuals recently earned their RAC credential: 


Max Alfonso 

Somashekara Koushik Ayalasomayajula 

Mariah Bankert 

Shruthi Bhat 

Swati Bhatawadekar 

Caitlin Bowles 

Natalie Brill 

Krystle Danuz 

Wen Gao 

Geena George 

Wenche Carine Groennvold 

Sutikshan Gupta 

David Hammond 

Meredith Hoffman 

Alexandra Hyde 

Yuvesh Jain 

Caleb Jung 

Lauren Kamer 

Kristen Killheffer 

Hemang Kotecha 

Akanksha Kulshreshtha 

Linda Lindberg 

Jing Liu 

Gabriela Molnar 

Sharmini Muralitharan 

Alena Newgren 

Jeanine O'Donnell 

Michael Pacelli 

Rushabh Patel 

Vasundhara Pathak 

Joseph Rinehart 

Karin Rohr 

William Sammons 

Kunal Sampat 

Rochell Sanjeevi 

Jay Sharma 

Gurbinder Sondh 

Maninder Sra 

Paige Sutton Smith 

Sarah Todt 

Amanda Wenisch 

Emily Willard 

Christine Wu 

Ting Hsuan Wu 

Bo Zhang 


Launa Aspeslet 

Partha Banerjee 

Bryan Bokusky 

Ashley Butler 

Michelle Chang 

Rémy Arthur Jean Miguel Chateau 

Cindy Chen 

Jim Chen 

Jun-Hung Cho 

Joyce Crich 

Tabitha Davis 

Kristine Davtyan 

Jin Di 

Alifiya Ghadiali 

Xiaoli Gong 

Ben Hedges 

Peter Jordan 

Violetta Kadar 

Sree Deepthi Karampudi 

Kei Kubota 

Gloria Landazury Lemus 

Erin Lee 

Richard Leone 

Rebecca Lopez 

Shannan Lynch 

Sita Malhi 

Marcela Maurino 

Aleksandr Merenkov 

Margaret Nguyen 

Prakash Sai 

Erin Spence 

Kalavati Suvarna 

Vrushali Tambe 

Jessica Voqui 

Shannon Washington 

Rita Wilson 

May Young 


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