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Posted 09 March 2022 | By Michael Mezher 

Omnibus spending bill would give FDA a $102M boost for FY2022

Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress released the text of the massive $1.5 trillion FY2022 omnibus spending package on Wednesday. The bills call for FDA to receive $3.3 billion in discretionary funding, a $102 million increase above the enacted level for FY2021.
The annual spending package has been delayed several times, forcing lawmakers to pass a series of continuing resolutions (CR) to keep the government open. The House is expected to vote on the bill later Wednesday; if passed, the bill will head to the Senate for consideration. The House is also expected to vote to extend the CR, which is set to expire on Friday, through 15 March to allow time for the omnibus to be passed and signed into law.
Under both the House and Senate proposals, FDA would receive $102 million in new funding for its medical products program, food safety and infrastructure. Within that funding, $29 million would be split up among several medical products initiatives, including medical device shortages and supply chain, veterinary medical product supply chain and addressing the opioid epidemic.
Other areas that would receive additional funding include $3 million to FDA’s predictive toxicology roadmap, $1 million for data modernization and $5 million for pilot programs for foreign unannounced drug inspections.
It would also release $50 million in funding to speed medical product development authorized under the 21st Century Cures Act.
The release of the text was welcomed by both the Alliance for a Stronger FDA and industry group Research!America.
"The Alliance for a Stronger FDA thanks Congressional appropriators for their continued support of the FDA, as reflected in the just-released conference agreement on FY 22 appropriations funding. The $102 million increase (3.2%) is much-needed and will strengthen programs throughout the agency,” the group said, adding that it would turn its attention to FY2023 funding when President Biden’s request is submitted to Congress.
Similarly, Research!America said it is gratified to see the increase in discretionary funding. “This under-funded agency’s extraordinarily broad and profoundly important mission calls for additional resources. The ever-increasing list of public health responsibilities FDA fulfills directly affects the health and safety of Americans,” it wrote.
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