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The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is bringing a networking group for regulatory professionals to India, making it the first—but certainly not the last—community for the profession on the subcontinent.

RAPS is committed to uniting the full global regulatory community in education, knowledge-sharing and career development. With this expansion, RAPS now boasts 33 chapters and local networking groups spanning six continents.

“What I look forward to from this group is to create a collective knowledge base that can be used to share information and resources on industry development, best practices, and regulatory changes,” co-founder Monali Bhansali explains in an inaugural post on the group’s website. “I encourage everyone to share insights from their experience and help each other in need of information in the regulatory space.”

The oher founding members Bhansali, Rashmi Kulshrestha, Shailesh Deshmukh and Seema Sikka, will engage members in discussions on the chapter website to create a more formalized network. 

“I am sure with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscapes, the RAPS’ India group will serve as a unifying forum for us regulatory professionals to come together and discuss our challenges and solutions,” Deshmukh posts on the network’s website.

Are you a regulatory professional interested in joining our Indian network? Click here to join and introduce yourself.

Chapters and local networks allow regulatory professionals to guide their career development, with support from RAPS staff. Each chapter has a website where members can team up to answer questions specific to their geographic location, brainstorm and arrange networking events. 

Interested in contributing to your own chapter or local network? Explore our groups here.


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