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    The Essential List of Regulatory Authorities in Asia

    To ease the process of finding drug and medical device regulators in Asia and Oceania, Focus has updated its list of the website(s) for each country’s ministry of health and regulatory authority. The list also notes the country’s membership in regional organizations that have a regulatory component.   For countries that do not list a regulatory authority, regulatory functions are either performed by the ministry of health, or the information available online was unc...
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    APEC Members See Increased Regulatory Convergence

    Countries involved in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are better aligning their regulatory schemes related to drugs and medical devices, according to a new survey unveiled Monday at an APEC meeting in Chile. The survey shows how between 2008 and 2019, APEC countries are seeing modest increases in: Sharing information (from 16 APEC economies to 19 economies) Establishing confidentiality commitments (from 12 economies to 15) Sharing good manufacturing pr...
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    Drug Development in Asia: Scattering the Mist

    This article discusses misconceptions and their causes, surrounding drug development in Asia, and explains the regions current drug development landscape. Introduction Asia is a huge landmass with contrasting physical and human geographies. The economic panorama within this rich milieu of human geography has become one of Asia's most prominent features, and many major pharmaceutical companies are acquainting themselves with the unique regulatory and medical landscape ...