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    Mobile-Friendly Upgrades Coming to Regulatory Focus

    • 29 April 2014
    RAPS' developers have been hard at work to create a new RAPS.org website, complete with a brand new look and many back- and front-end improvements. As part of the update, Regulatory Focus will adopt responsive design , which will make content easy to read and navigate on any device you have-be it a smartphone, mini-tablet, full-size tablet or desktop computer, and without regard to what kind of operating system (e.g., Apple or Android). With this new design, we will ...
  • Note to Our Readers: Focus on Holiday Until 2 January 2014

    • 20 December 2013
    Regulatory Focus will be on Holiday from 23 December 2013 through 1 January 2014. As such, all our updates, from news articles to Regulatory Reconnaissance , will not be published during that time. We will resume our regular coverage, as well as RF Today emails, on 2 January 2014. We hope all our readers have a happy and safe holiday, and we'll see you in the new year! Best, Janet Aker - Managing Editor Alexander Gaffney, RAC - News Editor
  • A Notice to Our Readers: Focus on Holiday

    • 27 November 2013
    Regulatory Focus will be observing the US Thanksgiving holiday and will not be publishing on Thursday, 28 November 2013 or Friday, 29 November 2013. We will resume normal publication (and probably some dieting after all the food we plan on eating) on Monday, 2 December 2013.
  • A Million Reasons for Focus to be Thankful

    • 26 November 2013
    With Thanksgiving upon us here in the US, the editors of Regulatory Focus wanted to extend our thanks to you, our readers, for being such an integral part of our continuing success. We have, in fact, one million reasons to be thankful-literally. As of today, we have received our millionth page view for 2013, a milestone we scarcely thought possible when we launched the Focus website in January 2012 and made the former print magazine all-digital. Since our launch, we...
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    Focus Feedback: Let us Know How We're Doing

    Here at Regulatory Focus , we like hearing from our readers. It helps us to calibrate how we write, the topics we cover, the layout of our content and the information we provide. Most of the time, this feedback is sporadic, occurring when we either impress you (thankfully often, if our inbox is any indication) or make an error (thankfully not nearly as often). But now we want to invite you, our readers, to provide us with some feedback on how we're doing here at Focus...
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    RSS Comes to Regulatory Focus: One More Way You Can Follow Focus

    You spoke, and we listened. We're proud to unveil a brand new way to connect with Regulatory Focus : through RSS feeds. Regulatory Focus now has several RSS feeds you can subscribe to, depending on your needs: All Regulatory Focus Content Regulatory Focus News Latest News Regulatory Updates Regulatory Focus Features Regulatory Focus Departments It's the Law Perspective Quality and Compliance Science and Technology...