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    EU regulation of herbal products, Part 1: Definitions, regulations, and documentation

    This article compares and contrasts the regulatory requirements for herbal medicinal products, herbal-based medical devices, and botanical food supplements in the EU. It provides an overview of the current framework, highlights areas of controversy, and presents recent regulatory developments. The article is the first of two on this topic. The current article presents the definitions, main regulations, and documentation requirements for placing the products on the market;...
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    Euro Convergence: Experts advise on ways to manage the MDR grace period

    Medical device companies in Europe have much work to do to get their products compliant with the EU’s new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and should not be wasting any time, asserted a panel of experts who spoke at RAPS Euro Convergence 2021 on 10 May.   At the virtual meeting, the experts gave some concrete advice for device manufacturers to ready themselves for a seamless transition.   The EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) is a new set of new regulatory require...
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    Euro Convergence: Suboptimal use of MDR grace period is storing up trouble

    Companies are failing to make optimal use of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) grace period for compliance, adding to the problems created by capacity constraints and tight deadlines, according to experts who spoke at the Euro Convergence 2020 virtual meeting.   In November last year, the European Commission issued a corrigendum to the MDR, allowing manufacturers of certain class I products an additional four years, to 26 May 2024, to comply with the regulation. Unde...
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    MDR Guidance Addresses Transitional Provisions

    The European Commission’s Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) on Friday released guidance to further explain Article 120(2) of the EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which says that certificates issued in accordance with the previous device directives will remain valid until 27 May 2024. The MDCG notes that Article 120(3) of MDR establishes that the notified body that issued a device certificate continues to be responsible for the appropriate device surveillance ...
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    European Regulatory Roundup: Report Calls to Minimize Amount of Data Generated by Sponsors (28 November 2016)

    Welcome to our European Regulatory Roundup, our weekly overview of the top EU regulatory news. EU Report Calls on Regulators, HTAs to Minimize Sponsor Data-Generation Requirements The European Parliament’s policy department has published a report recommending regulators and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies take steps to minimize the amount of data demanded of drug developers. Members of the Directorate for Economic and Scientific Policies made the proposal in...
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    Embracing Change in EU Medical Device Regulation: The Notified Body Perspective

    The RAPS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter kicked off 2014 with a 7 March conference focused on the proposed EU medical device regulations. Topics covered both near-term and long-term changes in key requirements critical to demonstrating compliance to existing directives and impending changes as proposed. The message was clear-change is underway in the EU and the medical device industry needs to be ready sooner than anticipated. A BSI Healthcare medical device expert team p...