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    The Essential List of Regulatory Authorities in Asia

    To ease the process of finding drug and medical device regulators in Asia and Oceania, Focus has updated its list of the website(s) for each country’s ministry of health and regulatory authority. The list also notes the country’s membership in regional organizations that have a regulatory component.   For countries that do not list a regulatory authority, regulatory functions are either performed by the ministry of health, or the information available online was unc...
  • PLoS: Pressures on Doha Declaration Signatories Preventing Overuse of Compulsory Licenses

    • 12 January 2012
    A recent study in the Public Library of Science's (PLoS) Medicine journal provides a review of the Doha Declaration , and finds that the issuance of compulsory licenses (CLs) dropped significantly after 2006, and that upper-middle-income countries (UMICs) face barriers to utilizing CL's excessively. Compulsory licenses are used by countries to override patents when the country deems that a health crisis warrants such action. When the Doha Declaration was first sig...