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    Regulatory Intelligence 101 authors stress importance of actionable info, communications, creativity

    RAPS recently brought together three leading authors of the just-released, newly revised third edition of Regulatory Intelligence 101 to discuss the book and the practice of regulatory intelligence (RI). Author and global RI expert, Céline Rodier Seguy, joined lead editors, Daanish Ashraf and Bill Sietsema to answer questions and provide insight on keeping up with complex and constantly changing regulatory information, during a live webcast moderated by RAPS Senior Edi...
  • Feature ArticlesFeature Articles

    Advantages of developing and deploying an in-house regulatory intelligence database

    Companies with a global regulatory presence may benefit from developing an in-house regulatory intelligence database. Such a database can be customized to focus on key subjects by building content reflecting published sources and the company’s experience. Adaptable content for multiple uses can be built by the company’s local experts. The system structure must support diverse users to create, maintain, document, access, and understand the information with functional collab...
  • Feature ArticlesFeature Articles

    A multiprong approach to organizational regulatory intelligence: One company’s experience

    It is important and of value for organizations to establish a dedicated regulatory intelligence (RI) function and process with designated roles and responsibilities to support RI monitoring. The true value is realized when there is commitment and engagement across the organization to build the RI resource. This article will lay out how one process was defined for regulatory surveillance/ monitoring (which relies on communication, cross-functional team engagement, and a rob...
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    What Is ‘Regulatory Intelligence’?

    The buzz phrase “regulatory intelligence” (RI) is appearing with increasing frequency, but what is it, exactly? There are many definitions, but most experts concur it is process-based, ongoing and reliant upon experiential and publicly available data. RI is based on a reasoned approach to sorting and analyzing information gleaned from a variety of sources that could impact the acceptability of a product to a regulator. While it focuses on changes to regulations and ...