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    Walking the Digital Tight-Rope

    On behalf of the Regulatory Focus Board of Editors, we would like to introduce you to a collection of articles on the regulatory oversight of advertising, labeling and social media. Most likely, you are currently reading this on your iPad, smart phone or computer screen as are the majority of people seeking information in this digital-age. To align with current user-practices, Regulatory Focus magazine moved to a completely digital format in 2012. Along the same vein,...
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    FDA Social Media Guidance–Lessons Learned from the Comment Period

    This article reviews and summarizes public comments on FDA's two draft social media guidance documents. In the past, traditional drug and device promotion came in the form of paper collaterals–sales aids, booth panels, slim jims* and the like. As we entered the internet age, companies found new avenues to get their product promotional messages out. Broadly defined as "social media," new forms of product communication now include interactive websites with sharing capabi...
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    Evolution of Advertising and Promotion Review Systems

    This article addresses the evolution of review systems used for advertising and promotion materials. Promotional review and approval, at its root, is designed to ensure all marketing and sales materials for pharmaceuticals are compliant with established legal, regulatory and medical standards, as well as company policies and procedures. Pharmaceutical companies employ cross-functional teams applying standard principles of education and training and good judgment to eva...