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    Manufacturer obligations applying to importers, distributors, or others under MDR and IVDR

    This article discusses issues and requirements spelled out in MDR and IVDR Chapter 2 and that chapter’s Article 16, which applies to manufacturer’s obligations and responsibilities. The author addresses new quality management system (QMS) requirements for repacking and translation of labeling, and the QMS certification obligations. Also covered are cases in which manufacturer obligations apply to importers, distributors, or other persons; changing a device’s intended purpo...
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    New claims under EU MDR and EU IVDR

    This article discusses medical device promotional and advertising product claims under Article 7 of the European Union’s new Medical Devices Regulation ( EU MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (EU IVDR) and examines how and when product claims are misleading or false as defined under the regulations. Introduction    Article 7 of the EU MD R 1 and EU IVDR 2 provide new claims regulations for medical devices. All of the requirements relate ...
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    Implementation of Shared MDR Economic Operator Resources

    This article discusses how the Economic Operators (EOs) under the EU’s new MDR and IVDR regulations can organize themselves and cooperate in such a way that each of their obligations can be fulfilled without unnecessary repetition of action while providing objective evidence of completion and ensuring compliance. The authors suggest how cooperation can be realized, both in the case of internal and external economic operators (i.e., internal—forming part of the same corpora...