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    Communication During a Pandemic

    This article offers best practices for company communication during a pandemic, such as the current COVID-19 global emergency. The author emphasizes the need to make company communications responsible and thoughtful, not only in these challenging times, but always. Discussed are best practices for communication through many mediums, such as telephone calls, email and social media and doing so in such a way that the message is not misinterpreted, misleading, sent to the wro...
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    Regulatory and Legal Roles in Promotional Review Committee Meetings: Is there really a difference?

    This article provides perspectives on how legal and regulatory personnel and others view their roles when participating in promotional and other types of material reviews. The author defines and separates the roles and provides the results of an informal survey regarding what people in the industry think about the nature of the two roles in reference to promotional reviews. She concludes by suggesting that moving the company forward in a compliant way should be everyone’s ...