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    A mandatory dietary supplement registry: Transparency as ‘disinfectant’

    The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act struck a balance between protecting public safety and promoting consumer access to dietary supplements, but it did not address the Food and Drug Administration’s inability to “see” into the marketplace. This article discusses how a mandatory product listing can benefit the industry through increased transparency and accountability. It outlines criticisms from industry skeptics and provides considerations for legislation of th...
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    Dietary Supplements and Public Safety: A Defense of DSHEA’s “Three-Legged Stool”

    This article discusses the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994 and its effects on the dietary supplement industry. The author addresses criticism of DSHEA and defends the intent and subsequent benefits of the legislation by identifying the “three legs of the stool” of the legislation—protection, safety and watchfulness.     Introduction   As the dietary supplement industry prepares to observe the 25th anniversary of the ...