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    World Drug Firsts from Asia (Outside Japan)

    This article discusses some notable drug firsts from Asia (outside Japan) and reaffirms the innovation potential in this region, beginning with a reference to the discovery of artemisinin, a valuable drug and key ingredient in the fight against malaria, and concluding with a reference to a new paradigm: a shift of the "center of gravity" of innovation from the West toward the East. Introduction Most New Chemical Entities (NCEs) still originate in the laboratories of W...
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    Drug Development in Asia: Scattering the Mist

    This article discusses misconceptions and their causes, surrounding drug development in Asia, and explains the regions current drug development landscape. Introduction Asia is a huge landmass with contrasting physical and human geographies. The economic panorama within this rich milieu of human geography has become one of Asia's most prominent features, and many major pharmaceutical companies are acquainting themselves with the unique regulatory and medical landscape ...