RAPS recognizes that the current situation in Ukraine impacts our members and customers on many levels. If you are directly impacted by the current situation in the region and are challenged to meet your deadlines or obligations to RAPS, please reach out to raps@raps.org so that we can defer those challenges. Your health and safety are paramount to us.

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    China's Regulatory Procedure and Inspection System

    China is a mysterious and interesting country for the regulatory professional. It is of interest because of its enormous market potential (nearly a fifth of the world’s population lives in the People’s Republic of China) and the fact that China is one of the most important manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the EU and US. China exported 1.2 million tons of APIs to the EU and 0.6 million tons to the US in 2013. China is somewhat mysterious becau...
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    Looking to the Future in Regulatory Affairs

    Predicting the future is, of course, like gazing into a crystal ball; therefore, the reader is warned that the following is based in part on indicators from industry and the regulators, but mostly on personal considerations and expectations, and discussions with peers in the regulatory community. There are many strands to consider when looking to the future in regulatory affairs. The first strand is the regulations and how these are likely to be impacted by a globalized ...