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    FDA Advisory Committee Calendar

    Regulatory Focus is pleased to team with Tarius , a regulatory information services provider, to routinely offer information about upcoming FDA Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings for CDER, CBER, and the Office of the Commissioner. Upcoming Meetings   13 September – Allergenic Products Advisory Committee   The committee will discuss and make recommendations on the safety and efficacy of Peanut [Arachis hypogaea] Allergen Powder manufactured by Ai...
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    Which of FDA's Drug Advisory Committees Were Most Active in 2014?

    Each year, the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) various advisory committees offer the agency dozens of recommendations on whether to approve new drugs, whether new policies are needed to better regulate drugs and whether an existing product should remain on the market. In 2014, some of those committees were more active than others. This article looks at FDA's pharmaceutical and scientific advisory committees and asks: Which committees were the most (and the leas...