RAPS recognizes that the current situation in Ukraine impacts our members and customers on many levels. If you are directly impacted by the current situation in the region and are challenged to meet your deadlines or obligations to RAPS, please reach out to raps@raps.org so that we can defer those challenges. Your health and safety are paramount to us.

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    Talking to decision makers: What to say and how to say it

    The ability to confidently convey an idea and persuade others of its benefits to your organization is key to achieving success. This article discusses ways to use persuasive skills, the importance of physical presence, and tips for maintaining a positive attitude.   Introduction How often does a decision maker or specifically, your manager, reject your ideas? Have you ever wondered why co-workers with inferior proposals have their requests approved? You are convinc...
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    Good writing skills as a cornerstone for career advancement

    Strong written communication skills are invaluable, even in a profession in which writing is not a key component. Good writing can be used as a tool to impart information or convince colleagues to pursue a particular course of action. It can also be a means of demonstrating one’s creative and strategic thinking. In short, investing time in learning and refining strong writing skills is a crucial element of career advancement.   This article will provide tools and techn...
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    Soft skills training during a pandemic: Why it’s important, and how to do it

    In this article, the author discusses the importance of soft skills training during the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of their role in defining one’s employability and advancing both personal and team success in achieving goals. These training sessions will give employees an opportunity to connect virtually with their colleagues, improve morale, and provide skills that will increase productivity and create a more positive working environment. The article provides tools ...