Communication and Negotiation

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Communication and Negotiation
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Preparing for an upcoming meeting with international counterparts? Negotiating with a global regulatory agency? Enter your most high-pressure meetings with the confidence and assurance that only RAPS’ experts can provide with Communication and Negotiation.

Whether you’re working on internal corporate messaging or preparing a vital presentation for a regulatory authority, this book provides both basic and detailed descriptions of the communication and negotiation skills that permeate regulatory. From one-on-one interactions, marketing endeavors, large presentations and beyond, explore how the improvement of your communication and negotiation qualifications can drive regulatory excellence.

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No matter where you are in your regulatory career, an understanding of communication and negotiation across the industry—especially as they pertain to regulatory authorities or Notified Bodies/Registrars—is essential to drive regulatory excellence.

ISBN: 978-0-9829321-6-2. Published by RAPS © 2011. Paperback. 122 pages.

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