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Effective Regulatory Communication [3.0 RAC]

3.0 RAC Credits Member: $365.00 Nonmember: $500.00
Effective Regulatory Communication [3.0 RAC]
Member Price: $365.00 
List Price: $500.00

Communication is an essential skill set for any professional whose work may require influencing others. For regulatory professionals, these skills become exponentially critical since their responsibilities regularly include communicating with a global audience, including manufacturers, global regulatory authorities and/or Notified Bodies or registrars. Discussions with internal management, partner companies and development teams, or communication between parties during due diligence, all require the regulatory professional to be a skilled communicator.

In this course, you will obtain an understanding of the complexities and principles of regulatory communication. The intention is to provide an overview of the critical elements in effective communication from the regulatory professional’s perspective, from influencing teams to managing meetings as well as everyday activities within and across the company. The course will explore how to make communication more effective in all interactions, including presentations, meetings and negotiations and in written documents. Participants will come away with a better understanding of listening, influencing and achieving more effective results during all interactions. This course should, however, be supplemented with programs offering opportunities to practice and apply the lessons learned in this course.

At a Glance
  • Target Audience: This course is designed for entry- to mid-level regulatory professionals interested in learning strategies to communicate effectively with internal and external audiences.
  • Learning Level: Basic
  • Total Length of Course: 3 Hours
  • RAC Points: 3

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the need for purpose-driven communication
  • Explain why effective communication is an essential skill for regulatory professionals
  • Outline the foundational elements of effective communication
  • Describe the role the audience and objectives play in determining the appropriate communication and crafting messages
  • Outline the critical elements of successful planning for meetings, presentations and other types of communication.

Lesson Titles
  • Lesson 1: Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Lesson 2: Communicating with Internal Stakeholders
  • Lesson 3: Marketing Applications
  • Lesson 4: Communicating with External Stakeholders
  • Lesson 5: Effective Communication Techniques

Enrollment Period: 12 months
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