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International Regulatory Acronyms & Definitions, Third Edition

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International Regulatory Acronyms & Definitions, Third Edition

Regulatory professionals speak a unique language that becomes even more complex in the international arena. RAPS’ handy guide to international regulatory terms, definitions and acronyms will help you develop a better understanding of the conversation.

International Regulatory Acronyms & Definitions, Third Edition, was developed by RAPS’ experts to include entries of primary interest to regulatory professionals involved in all aspects of international regulations. Whether you’re involved in the manufacture of drugs, biologics or medical devices, you’ll find comprehensive information and easy-to-use cross-references to help you become fluent in the diverse international regulatory arena.

Who Should Use This Publication?

Regulatory professionals who routinely pursue product lines beyond their domestic borders will find this reference resource an essential addition to their libraries.

Published by RAPS ©2016. Paperback. 40 pages.

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