Introduction to the Due Diligence Process, Second Edition

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Introduction to the Due Diligence Process, Second Edition

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Joanne S. Hawana, MS, JD, Benjamin M. Zegarelli, MS, JD and Elizabeth K. Conti, JD

Product Description

Written by four legal regulatory experts, readers will benefit from this high-level guide through the due diligence process from a regulatory affairs perspective intended to help the regulatory team consider the key issues and ask the right questions during the process to gain helpful information about the target. Introduction to the Due Diligence Process, Second Edition will help the target’s regulatory team understand its role in the diligence and prepare for requests from the buyer’s team.

Who should buy this book?

The book primarily targets regulatory affairs professionals who are new to the due diligence process and more experienced regulatory affairs professionals who may need a refresher on the various roles and responsibilities in a due diligence. This book also would be helpful to company executives running or overseeing the diligence process by providing a comprehensive description of the regulatory issues that should be considered. It also could be useful for attorneys who are either new to the regulatory side of due diligence or who want to gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory considerations of a life sciences transaction.

Published by RAPS © 2020. Paperback. 143 pages. ISBN: 978-1-947493-45-2.

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