Lifecycle Management Through the Rx-to-OTC Switch

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Lifecycle Management Through the Rx-to-OTC Switch

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Robert Falcone, PhD, FRAPS

Product Description

The increased relevance of over-the-counter (OTC) and self-care products to consumers and patients was the impetus for the development of Lifecycle Management Through the Rx-to-OTC Switch, the new, practical reference manual from RAPS.

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Lifecycle Management Through the Rx-to-OTC Switch: US Considerations and Perspectives to Advance Self-Care was developed for regulatory professionals of all levels, including newcomers and seasoned professionals, ranging from those working in product development and marketing, to those in regulatory affairs. This new book is a valuable resource for any regulatory professional interested in learning about or pursuing a switch.

The pursuit of Rx-to-OTC switches has significant merit, both in terms of health benefit and commercial value.
Robert Falcone, PhD, FRAPS

Published by RAPS © 2021. Paperback. 202 pages. ISBN: 978-1-947493-71-1

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