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RAC (Drugs) Prep Toolbox

Member: $1,250 ​Nonmember: $1,550
RAC (Drugs) Prep Toolbox
Member: $1,250
​Nonmember: $1,550
Enterprise: $1,125

You’re ready to demonstrate your mastery of regulatory by earning the RAC. Now you need a plan and the right resources to make sure you’re well-prepared on exam day.

The Toolbox brings together a full range of valuable resources to help you identify your strengths and gap areas, gives you a sense for the kinds of questions you will be tested on and clarifies how the exam is structured.

Your Drugs Toolbox includes anytime access for an entire year to:
  • RAC (Drugs) Practice Test 
  • Drugs Exam Content Outline
  • 25+ hours of in-depth elearning review material, including extensive content from the Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical and Biologics Regulations*
  • Hands-on activities to help improve your test taking skills

Please note: This toolbox does not include the hardcover version of the Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical and Biologics RegulationsTo receive the hardcover, please purchase the bundled option.

Neither RAPS nor the RAC Program states or implies that preparation material provided by RAPS is the best or only means of adequately preparing for the RAC examination. No advantage is given to candidates who purchase or use RAC preparation material provided by RAPS over candidates who prepare using other materials and/or methods. The use and purchase of preparation courses and materials from RAPS is optional.
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