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In this podcast, RAPS Senior Editor Pam Jones talks with RAPS President Glenn N. Byrd, MBA, RAC about the role of regulatory strategy and the regulatory strategist in the global biopharma industry. Byrd is principal consultant of GByrd Ad-Promo Solutions, LLC, recently retired from AstraZeneca as senior director, promotional regulatory affairs and spent 10 years with FDA.

Changes are in progress, with more to come, in both the US and EU. FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is undergoing a significant reorganization in terms of both personnel and office responsibilities. In the EU, the new Medical Device Regulation will take effect in less than a year. RAPS invited Allison Komiyama, PhD, RAC, and expert on the US device environment, and John Beasley, RAC, whose primary focus is EU devices, to discuss those changes and their impact on device manufacturers.

With Dr. Elaine Morrato, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Professor in Health Systems Management and Policy at the Colorado School of Public Health, and visiting scientist at FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology. Dr. Morrato joins RAPS senior editor Pam Jones for an insightful discussion on risk management, regulatory professionals’ role, REMS and its elements, and the translation of health innovation into practice. She also provides easily-accessible resources on the topic. Dr. Morrato has offered to answer any questions submitted on the topics discussed. To send questions for Dr. Morrato, please email RAPS at