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DEKRA Certification
About US: DEKRA is one of the five largest notified bodies in the world for companies that design, manufacture and distribute medical devices. With 20+ years of Medical Directive expertise, we help get products to market efficiently and safely. DEKRA can guide you through pre-certification testing and analysis to secure virtually any product certification. Our network of offices and state-of-the-art laboratories offer global access to markets including Europe, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.
Web Site: https://www.dekra.us/en/product-testing/medical-device-regulatory-services/overview/

1850 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 925
Concord , California 94520
United States
Phone: 925-283-7535
Fax: 925-305-2751
Email: Fred.Brown@dekra.com


Fred Brown
Business Development Manager 

Dr. Jeff Schakenraad 
Business Team Manager (US) 

Geographic Areas: United States
Business Type:
  • Notified Body
  • Certification
  • Testing/Validation