RAPS recognizes that the current situation in Ukraine impacts our members and customers on many levels. If you are directly impacted by the current situation in the region and are challenged to meet your deadlines or obligations to RAPS, please reach out to raps@raps.org so that we can defer those challenges. Your health and safety are paramount to us.

About US:
Regulis is a global regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance consultancy, specialising in delivering client growth and protecting client assets. From the strategic to operational, we get you through the maze of regulation for medicines, biotechnology products, medical devices and borderline substances. We work with companies to speed their products to market and protect their patients and the value of their products. With our knowledge and expertise, Regulis increases revenue, decreases risk and reduces cost for clients.
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First Floor, St Peter's House Market Place
Tring, Herts HP23 5AE
United Kingdom


Kim Wharton
Managing Director
Phone: UK: +44 1442 890909   EU: +353 1 513 6116
Email: enquiries@regulis.com

Business Type: • Consulting