RAC Application Fees

RAC Application Fees



Exam Registration



Change in Test Site Location and/or Test Date
(after scheduling; deadlines apply)

$50 (payable to testing vendor)

Processing fee for withdrawn, cancelled or incomplete applications

Cancellations are only accepted prior to the close of the application deadline.
Cancellations received after the initial application deadline will not be refunded.


Rescheduling fee prior to
application deadline

No Charge

Rescheduling fee after
application deadline


Change in examination
(e.g., Device to Drugs)


The RAPS member rate applies only if you are a member when you submit your application. If you apply for RAPS membership prior to submitting an RAC application, please be sure you receive confirmation of your RAPS membership before you submit your RAC application. If you apply for RAPS membership after you submit an RAC application, RAPS will not refund the difference.

For information about RAPS membership visit RAPS.org/join-raps.

Submitting Payment

The correct payment must accompany your application. You may submit your application online or by email to certification@raps.org. â€‹RAPS accepts all major credit cards.

Application Receipt Confirmation

You will receive an email notification thanking you for your order, which signifies that your appli­cation has been received. If there are any questions about your application or your application is selected for audit, you will be contacted by the RAC program office. If you have additional questions about your application, please contact RAPS customer service at +1 (301) 770-2920 ext. 200 or by email at certification@raps.org.